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Attention Calgary Customers

Water from your Mountain Fresh Canada water filtration system is safe to drink in the event of a boil water advisory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the Mountain Fresh™ filter need to be changed?

This will depend on a number of factors, including how many people will be using the filter and whether it is a commercial or home application. Generally speaking, filters for residential use will go five years before the first stage filter needs to be changed. Current field use of the second and third stage filters has them lasting an average of 10 years.

How come other filters on the market need to be changed monthly?

There are generally three reasons for the extended life of the Mountain Fresh™ filter over other filters on the market.
  1. The .2 sediment filter. By putting a .2 sediment filter in front of the carbon bed, we are ensuring that absolutely no particulate matter enters the carbon bed, thus extending its life. Carbon is very porous by nature and as a result, if particulate matter is allowed to enter the carbon bed, it would plug off very quickly.
  2. We use only laboratory grade components. Mountain Fresh™ combines a .4 micron filter with a .2 micron sediment filter. Check other filters on the market and you will see that some systems use filters as big as 5 microns or 1 micron, thus meaning lower quality and more frequent changes.
  3. Carbon comes in many different grades and Mountain Fresh™ uses only premium grade organic carbon infused with silver in their water filters, meaning we average approximately 6,500 gallons of water before the cartridge is spent.

What is the difference between a Mountain Fresh™ filter and a Reverse Osmosis filter?

A Mountain Fresh™ filter will remove sediment, chemicals, giardia and cryptosporidium while leaving in beneficial minerals. A reverse osmosis filter on the other hand, will remove approximately 97% of minerals in the water as well as the sediment and chemicals. Mountain Fresh™ carries both filters and will endeavor to find the one that is right for you.

We live on an acreage; will this filter work for our well water?

Well water often has different properties and characteristics than municipally treated water; therefore we recommend that you have your well water analyzed so that we may assist you in selecting the proper equipment.

Does the Mountain Fresh™ unit remove fluoride?

The three stage Mountain Fresh™ system will not remove the fluoride in your water as it is a mineral and the system has been designed to leave all minerals in the water. However, a fourth stage can be added to the filter to selectively remove the fluoride while leaving in all other minerals. There is an additional cost to this fourth stage and it will need to be changed every three years.

What about bacteria build-up in the filter?

Chlorine, which is still in your water during the first two stages of the filter, will remove all bacteria present in the water. During the third stage of the filter however, when the chlorine is removed, silver has been bonded to the granular activated carbon which inhibits any bacteria growth. This ensures that you can leave your filter unattended for weeks or months at a time without the fear of bacteria growth in your water filter.

Can I take this filter to my new home when I move?

Yes! For a small fee, Mountain Fresh™ will remove your filter and re-install it into your new home when you move. We simply put a chrome plug into the hole where the tap used to be and you can now enjoy Mountain Fresh™ water at your new home.

Can the filter be hooked to the water line in my fridge?

Yes! If we can access the water line running to your fridge, we can install a tee in the line and you will have cooled Mountain Fresh™ water from your fridge.